Honey Bees and Skinned Knees

If you’ve ever watched a honey bee pollinate a plant, you may have sat in awe of the magical little dance she did as she meticulously flew from flower to flower, never returning to the same one. Half the time I can’t even remember if I started the dish washer, and yet these busy little creatures buzz all over creation knowing exactly what to do and what their purpose is. Incredible, right?

If you don’t know much about honey bees, here’s a little overview. Worker bees (the ones you see buzzing around plants) are always female and only live about 5-6 weeks before they die. They spend their days doing different tasks including caring for the young, foraging for food, and searching for new hive areas. The most fascinating thing to me is, though, that they do this work without ceasing, for the entirety of their lives.

Anyone else wish they were that dedicated or is that just me? Admittedly, I’m not exactly the worker bee type. Maybe that’s why these creatures amaze me so much. I mean, here I am… a wife, mother, daughter, follower of Christ, created in the image of God… and I can’t even stay focused on my purpose for a single day without distraction! Pathetic, huh…

These worker bees, the women of the hive, are the ones that work their bee-hinds off to keep the daily operations up and running. They work day in and day out for 5-6 weeks, all in an effort to serve their queen, who, by the way, gets to live a much longer life than her workers. I mean, talk about a simple servant!

Sometimes I wish my life were as simple as a humble honey bee’s. I wish I awoke every day to do the job God has set before me with pride and care—the humble jobs like cooking, dishes, laundry, reading books to my children and tending to their skinned knees. These worker bees don’t feel less than because they do the humble jobs. They don’t pretend to be a drone or a queen because they feel inadequate in their position. They work where God put them, just as God created them to.

To all the worker bees out there, your job is important… no, vital. The dishes may not seem insta-wothy and the laundry certainly isn’t going to amass a following on facebook. Those skinned knees and grilled cheeses may not seem important now, but the seeds of love, support and servanthood you are sowing in your children’s hearts will, Lord willing, turn into fruit one day. It’s not glorious work, I know. But don’t get distracted by coveting the “job” of others when God has given you such noble work yourself.

You matter and your purpose matters. Keep your eye on the prize and keep trucking along the race God has set before you. You may not see the glory in it, but God does. We are just too simple to understand.

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  1. Just beautiful! You are very worthy and I’m so proud of the Lord’s work that you do day in and day out! ❤️

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