25+ Children’s Books About Diversity You Need On Your Bookshelf Today

In our beautifully diverse world, we were all created unique and with purpose. Let’s celebrate our differences! These 25+ children’s books about diversity and inclusivity will take your kids into worlds and cultures they may have never seen before, teaching them to treat those who look different with kindness and compassion.

Children's books about diversity you need to read to your kids today!

Whether it’s people from cultures around the world, or your next door neighbor who has skin that looks different than yours, these children’s books about diversity celebrate them all. Some speak specifically to inclusion and some tell stories we may have never heard. These books promote love and kindness no matter how different we may appear to each other—a lesson we are responsible for teaching our children as early as possible.

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Let’s do right by our children and fill our bookshelves with books that celebrate all races, ethnicities and cultures—let’s make our bookshelves as beautifully diverse as the world God created and let’s empower our children to love and celebrate each other.



Children's history books about diversity to add to your library today.

I hope these children’s books about diversity empower your kids to love who they are and love their neighbor just the same. I pray my children are just as familiar with heroes and historical figures from other cultural backgrounds as they are with their own and that they see the beauty in God’s grand, diverse, and beautiful design!

How do you talk to your kids about diversity and loving each other? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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