15 Thanksgiving Activities to Do This Year + FREE PRINTABLE

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as usual, I’m not prepared! I don’t know why, but Thanksgiving always seems to sneak up on me more than any other holiday. If that’s you, too… don’t worry! With these 15 super simple Thanksgiving activities and FREE printable and you’ll be ready to make the day special with minimal effort! (Unless, of course, you’re cooking a turkey dinner… In that case, you’re on your own!!) 😉

Thanksgiving in America is a time of thankfulness, a time when families come together and celebrate the blessing they have received over the past year. It’s a joyous occasion… at least it usually is. As tough as this year has been, we still have a lot to be thankful for, right?

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While this year may look a little different than most, don’t let that steal your joy! We may not be cozied up with all our family around a giant dining table, sitting shoulder to shoulder as the turkey is carved, we can still show our gratitude and celebrate the blessings God has gifted us, right!? Make the most of this crazy holiday season with these 5 Thanksgiving activities + FREE printable. They are super easy and you won’t feel like your missing a thing this year. WIN!


  • Let’s be Thankful Printable – For this activity, download the free printable at the end of this post. Cut along the lines and give each person a card to write what they are thankful for. Drop them in a cute mason jar and keep it in a safe place until next year when you can pull it out again and add to it! Include a date on each card so as you add to it each year you know when each was written.
  • Gratitude Pumpkin – Take a permanent marker and let each person write on the pumpkin what they are thankful for. You may even want to make room on the table to display your gratitude pumpkin as a centerpiece!
  • Play Shake Your Tail Feathers – This one will be a hit! For a two player match, fill two empty tissue boxes with colorful feathers and tie them around your waists with string so that the box is sitting against your bottom with the opening facing out. Have someone call “GO” and shake your tail feathers as hard as you can. Whoever empties their box of feathers first wins!
  • Use Thanksgiving Conversation Starters – This will help the conversation flow for even the most reluctant kids. Try these adorable cards here!
  • Volunteer Together – Either before or after your own family festivities, take the time to spread the blessings to others! Volunteer at a local soup kitchen and help serve a turkey meal to the homeless. It will be a tradition your kids will remember forever.


These Thanksgiving activities for kids will keep them busy AND help them remember just how much they have to be thankful for!

  • Decorate a Thanksgiving Tree – For those of you wanting to bust that Christmas tree out already, here’s your chance! Instead of decorating it for Christmas, have your kids cut out construction paper hands, write something they are thankful for and hang them on the tree with string. It’s a super cute and a meaningful way to practice thankfulness with your kids.
  • Make Turkey Rice Crispy Treats – These are so stinking’ cute! Get the Turkey Rice Crispy Treat Recipe here.
  • Craft Paper Table Cover – This is perfect for the kid’s table. Cover the table with a roll of cheap craft paper and set out crayons, pencils and markers in a mason jar so the kids can have some fun. They can draw turkey hands, play tic tac toe or write what they are thankful for!
  • Write a Prayer of Thanksgiving – Give every child a piece of construction paper and a marker and let them write their own prayer of thanksgiving. Let them share if they want to but don’t force it!
  • Play Thankful Hot Potato – This is a fun twist on the original hot potato. Every time the potato is tossed to you, you must say something you are thankful for before you toss it away!


These Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers will be a hit. Keep those little hands active and learning all while they learn how to practice thankfulness!

  • Pumpkin Spice Play Dough – This is so easy to make and it smells SO GOOD! Get the pumpkin spice play dough recipe here.
  • Make a Fall Leaf Turkey – All you need is a paper plate, google eyes, glue sticks and some fall leaves from your backyard. Color the plate, glue on the eyes then glue the leaves around the top edge for the turkey feathers. So cute!
  • Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets – Find some free with a quick Google search or check these out!
  • Paint a Cotton Swab Tree – All you need is washable paints in fall colors, a cotton swab and paper. Give your preschooler a paper with a tree trunk drawn on it and let them use the cotton swab to dot different colored leaves on the branches. They will love it!
  • Make Thankful Corn Shakers – Take the label off an empty water bottle and fill it 3/4 of the way with popping corn. Ask your preschooler what they are thankful for and write it on a small slip of paper. (Try the free printable for this, too!) Roll the slip of paper and slip it into the bottle with the corn kernels. Secure the lid (WELL) and tie red and yellow ribbon around the top for decorations. Now they have their very own musical shaker to make a joyful noise every time they feel thankful for something!

No matter what Thanksgiving activities and traditions you do with your family this year, make the most of this special holiday by doing it all together. These memories are ones you will cherish for years to come!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving activities and traditions? Share with us in the comments below!


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