4 Good Reasons Why You Should Stay In Your Pajamas All Day Today

Normally I would say as a stay at home mom it’s SO important to get up, get dressed and make yourself feel put together. It helps remind us of our identity as women and as functioning (sometimes) members of society. Well, today I’m not going to say that. (GASP!) Instead I’m going to tell you 4 reasons why you should stay in your pajamas all day long!

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Now, before I get into the reasons why you should stay in your pajamas all day, I do want to clarify something. I do think it’s important on most days that you put on “real” clothes, brush your hair and make yourself feel “ready.” It really is a super easy way to boost productivity and morale!

Buuuut, every now and then you just need to stay in your pajamas all day and that’s okay! Now let’s get on with it… here are 4 good reasons why you SHOULD stay in your pajamas all day long.

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There are so many things you can’t do as a stay at home mom. You can’t go to the store alone, you can’t have a quiet, thoughtful day, you can’t even pee in peace. But hey… do you know what you CAN do? Wear your pajamas all day! Sometimes victories are small, am I right? Own it!

Pull out your most comfy set of pajamas and wear those bad boys with confidence. This lounge set is my go-to—it’s cheap, cute and so comfortable! I would order a size down from your normal if you don’t want it too baggy.


Since pajamas are typically what we wear to sleep and lounge in, it’s no surprise wearing them during the day has a literal phycological effect on us. It sends a subliminal message to your brain to calm down and chill out! While this wouldn’t be a good thing every single day… sometimes a chill day is exactly what we need to recharge and reset. Go for it, Mama!


Capitalize on the fact that wearing pajamas all day immediately sets your brain in relax mode. Ditch the to-do list (just for one day!!) and spend your time snuggling up on the couch with your kids. The dishes will still be there tomorrow. Take advantage of a slow, lazy day and show your kids it’s totally okay to unwind sometimes and prioritize self-care!

Spend more time in God’s word, watch some movies, read some books, and have a living room lunch picnic. There are so many fun things you probably feel like you don’t have time for during a normal busy day at home. Build a living room fort if your kids are into that and see where their imaginations will take you. I bet they tell you this is the best day ever!


So hey… maybe this is a bogus reason but I’m just sayin’! It is ONE less outfit to wash…

Honestly, you DON’T need a reason to stay in your pajamas all day every now and then. Just do it! But just in case you feel like you need a little justification for a lounge day… I got you covered. 😉 Now, get yourself some cute and comfy loungewear, clear your schedule and plan yourself a pajama day, mama!

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