10 Beach Bag Essentials For A Day in the Sun

It’s a beautiful day and you’re allllll ready to head out to the beach for a nice, relaxing day in the sun. The only problem is, you’re not sure what you should pack in your beach bag!? Well, no worries. These 10 beach bag essentials will have you hitting the sand before you know it, with everything you need!

blue sun hat

Nothing is worse than carrying a big ole’ beach bag, packed to the brim, down to the beach only to realize you didn’t even touch half of it. Am I right?? Been there, done that. Lighten your load by only taking what you reaaaaaally need for the day.

  1. Beach Bag – Nothing more essential than the bag itself! If you’re looking for something fashionable functional, this Gecko dry bag is it! We use this bag for the beach and for the local springs. It is completely waterproof and is perfect for taking the essentials and keeping them nice and dry. If you’re looking for something functional AND fashionable, I am loving the handle on this straw beach bag. It’s on the smaller side, but perfect for just the essentials!

2. Water Bottle – Don’t get caught up in the beauty of the beach and forget to drink your water! Hydration is so important, even more so on those hot summer beach days.

3. Nuun Hydration Tablets – Drop one of these bad boys in your bottle for some extra vitamins and electrolytes for an extra hydration boost.

4. Sunscreen – SUNSCREEN!! This one is a MUST. Protect your skin from damage with a good quality SPF. We use Babyganics Kids on all of us. It’s easy to spray on and it hasn’t let us down yet!

5. Beach Towel – If you haven’t heard of Turkish towels… RUN and look them up! No, wait… I’ll just tell you. 😉 Turkish towels are THE BEST! They are thin (makes packing them sooooo much easier!) and lightweight. They are also large, soft and soooo darn cute!

6. Cover Up – You just can’t go to the beach without a cute coverup, right? This swimsuit cover up checks all the boxes. Plus, its CHEAP! Booya.

7. Sunglasses – If you’re like me, your eyes are worthless on a bright sunny day. Like, seriously… I cannot see a thing when it’s super bright. A good pair of polarized sunglasses is something I will NEVER go to the beach without. I buy Detour Sunglasses – they are so affordable and super durable! Use code JORDAN20 for a discount.

8. Flip Flops or Sandals – These cute Roxy sandals are perfect for the ladies, and these Rainbow sandals for men are Zach’s new favorite!

9. Wide-Brimmed Beach Hat – Gotta protect that pretty face! Give your face a break from the sunshine with this super cute beach hat!

10. Lip Balm – These SunBum lip balms are my favorite! SPF 30 to keep your lips protected from those rays!

And there you have it — the 10 beach bag essentials you ACTUALLY need in your beach bag and nothing else! Now, grab your bag, get it packed and head to the beach. See ya there!

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