Moving to Florida — Why We Did It

Hi, we are the Honeycutt family — Zach, Jordan, Grayson and Hannah. If you don’t already know, here’s a quick rundown. Zach and I were both born and raised in North Texas. We left for a brief stint in Arkansas for college, but we headed straight back home after. On January 1st, 2021 everything changed for us. We packed up everything we owned and drove 15 hours to our new home in Florida!

Okay, now you know the what… let’s get on to the WHY!

I think it’s a little funny because both when were leaving Texas and when we arrived in Florida, people asked us the same question — Why? Why are you moving to Florida? What brought you here? It seemed like such a silly question to me. … Why not?

After being caught off guard by the question a handful of times, we settled on a simple one word answer that seems to satisfy most. Adventure. Simply put, we came to Florida for adventure!


It’s true, you do only get one! God created each and every one of us for a purpose greater than ourselves. He loves and cares for us and he hears our prayers – even if he answers them in a way you don’t expect!

I (Jordan) have wasted so much of my life stuck in the fear mindset, afraid to move my feet even just one step. Anytime I was afraid to do something, I would always go back to one word. Content. I’m supposed to be content with what I have… that’s what God calls me to be. I don’t need to do that scary thing because I need to learn to be happy where I’m at… right?

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I certainly don’t have the answers but I do believe that sometimes God calls us to stay and sometimes he calls us to step out in faith. Being content in my heart has nothing to do with stepping out into a scary unknown after all. You CAN seek out personal growth and achievement without betraying the contentment of your heart. I was simply using it as an excuse to be stagnant – to not grow.


Speaking of personal growth, this is our number one reason for taking the plunge and moving to Florida. I’ve already shared a bit about my personal struggle with fear but the worst part of it all is I was starting to see my own fearful, anxious state rub off on my kids. Since I wasn’t exemplifying strength and bravery, they weren’t either. I watched them become content to sit on the sideline… afraid to fall, afraid to fail.

Little kids, who should be innocent and fearless, scared to do things most kids relish. That was on me and riiiiiiing – that was a wake up call.

Part of this journey (you know… moving to Florida!) for me is trusting God’s plan. God has us in his hands and he doesn’t want us to live tucked away in fear. Not me, or my kids, or you!

Aside from learning to conquer fears and gain self confidence, moving across the country to a brand new state will force Zach and I to lean on each other like we’ve never had to before. So far, it’s only been one month… but I pray God molds us during this time and brings our marriage closer and stronger. As a result, I pray our family unit can become better than before and work together to achieve our ultimate purpose – to spread the love of Christ.


I mean, it’s Florida! There is so much to do and see in this incredible state. I pray God opens my eyes and my kids’ eyes to his glorious and wonderful creation. I hope that through experiencing His glory all around us, we can come to better understand his love for us and his people around the world. He is so, so good.

I’ve found that the longer you stay in one place, doing the same thing, the narrower your vision can become. Your life and surroundings can trick you into thinking that’s all there is. Thoughts and ideas can betray us when we don’t expand our horizons and seek understanding from those outside our own circle. Whether that be new cultures, wildlife, or even just new friends – our mission is to explore whatever God places in front of us and seek to love and serve him better through it all – to open our hearts to God’s truth and not our own preconceived notions of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t stay in your hometown. There are so many blessings that come with that. But I’ve learned that time doesn’t stop just because you stay in one place. I’ve suffered many losses over the last 3 year and it’s taught me something I think I needed to learn… life goes on. The purpose of life isn’t to stay close to home and get in as many game nights as possible before we die. It’s to walk in faith and serve God with your whole life.

Staying home didn’t keep my Daddy from passing and it didn’t save my Mampy. The world still turns and God is still good. I’m not sure how we will serve God in Florida, but I’m praying that in God’s timing, he will open a door for us to love and serve with intention. Until then, I have a feeling he’s doing quite a bit of internal work for now… and I couldn’t be more thankful for his grace in that. 🙌


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