How to Practice Gratitude as a Mom

Gratitude can change your life as a mom—really, it can! Let go of the have-nots and learn how to practice gratitude and be thankful for what you have. It’s a habit you and your kids will benefit from.

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There’s nothing worse than your kids asking you for something else 5 minutes after you’ve given them a treat. Right? It makes me want to screeeeeeam! Why can’t they be grateful for WHAT. I. JUST. GAVE. THEM?

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I’d like to think this ungrateful attitude only afflicts my kids and not me, but that would be a lie. In our world of instant gratification, it’s so easy to not be grateful for what we have. How can we be content and thankful when we’re constantly being bombarded by advertisements telling us exactly what we’re missing in our lives? The struggle IS REAL.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t going to stop hitting us with advertisements at every turn so it’s up to us to take initiative and intentionally practice gratitude every single day. Not only is practicing gratitude good for our mental state by helping us stay positive, it’s actually beneficial for our physical health, too! Hellooooooo new year’s resolution.


If you’ve never used a gratitude journal before, you need to start!I promise, it will change your life for the better. You don’t have to have a fancy “gratitude journal” for this, although there are some really cute, affordable journals available if that’s your thing! Any blank notebook or journal will do.

Essentially, a gratitude journal is just a place you write down everything you are grateful for. It can be things, people, places, feelings, etc. There truly are no rules—the sky is the limit! Make it a priority to reach for your gratitude journal and make a list of things you are grateful for each morning before you get up and begin your day. It is so refreshing starting your day on a positive note and it can help to keep you grounded when things do inevitably go wrong.

If you love to keep your journals to look back on over the years (and you should) this gratitude journal is beautifully bound and super affordable. It would make a great gift, too. 😉 There is even a kid’s version here!


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Don’t underestimate the power of the spoken word and speak gratitude into your kids daily. You don’t need a reason… just look them each in the eye and tell them how grateful you are for them. Take it a step further and tell them why—it will give your morale a boost and it will do the same for theirs!

Don’t stop with your kids, though. Speak gratitude into your husband, your friends and even your pets. (Seriously…) It may seem a little silly, but trust me, it’s the power of positive thinking and it WILL improve your mindset and your life!


Pray, pray and pray! Thank God daily (or multiple times a day) for all the blessings he has given you. Even in the lowest of lows, there is always something to be thankful for. Practicing gratitude is a great way to train yourself to recognize it.

If you’re feeling hopeless and can’t find anything to be grateful for in the moment, simply thank the Lord for loving you—because he does and THAT is something to be grateful for!


Taking the time to write a letter of thankfulness to a friend can be so special for you and for them. There is something so sentimental about receiving a hand written letter in the mail. It’s becoming a lost art. All you need some cute stationary and a stamp!

You don’t need a reason to write a friend a letter—simply tell them you’ve been thinking about them and how much you appreciate their friendship. Again, this will help you remember all you have to be thankful for and it will surely brighten their day. Get your kids involved in this one and let them write a letter or gratitude to their teacher!


Another fun way to practice gratitude is by literally counting your blessings. This is a great way to remember all the things you’ve been blessed with. Grab yourself a big mason jar, some slips of paper and get started filling your jar with blessings. The visual representation of all you have to be thankful for can be overwhelming… in a good way!

This is another one to get your kids involved in. Make it extra fun by designating a different paper color to each family member. Watch the jar fill up with each color and see just how thankful you are as a family!


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It is so important to practice gratitude as a mama, for yourself and your kids. Another way to help instill habits of gratitude in your kids is to read children’s books about gratitude to them. Here are a few of my favorites!

Learning how to practice gratitude really can change your outlook on life. It will improve your life as a mama and it will model a life of gratitude for your kids. (Remember, they see everything…) Along with keeping you rooted in positivity, being grateful will also remind you just how much we have to thank God for. (And that’s a lot!)

How to you keep yourself grounded in gratitude? Share with us in the comments below!

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