Homeschool Curriculum & What We Love – Kinder and Second Grade

Homeschool for the year 2021-2022 has officially begun. Hooray! In case you’re curious, I’m going to show you our homeschool curriculum of choice and our favorite bonus educational products so far!

Homeschooling my kiddies has ALWAYS been on my heart! I actually homeschooled my oldest in pre-k, kinder and a little bit of first grade before sending him to our local public school to finish the year. (I’ll get into why we made that decision on a later day…!) Long story short, I had every intention of sending both my kids to public school this fall. That is, until God placed homeschool on my heart again. He reminded me of my deep-seated desire to make it work. Soooo… here we are, making it WORK!

This time, we are tackling this opportunity with grace. God has shown me how incredibly faithful he is by granting me peace and confidence in our homeschool journey that I never had before. Instead of constantly wondering if I’m doing enough or if they are missing out, we are 100% certain this is what we are supposed to be doing right now. And… we LOVE IT!

So, without further ado, here’s a quick list of exactly what we’re using this year including our homeschool curriculum and some of our favorite bonus hands-on manipulatives!


If I’m being honest, our curriculum decision this year was based mostly on budget. I only decided to homeschool a couple months ago, so I didn’t exactly have time to save up for any of the big box sets. Instead, I went with The Good and the Beautiful for both language arts and math. And guess what… I LOVE IT!

Since my oldest is in second grade, we’re using Math 2 and LA 2. BOTH of these are available to print at home for FREE. Yes… FREE. Crazy, huh? Of course, you can also buy the pre-bound version for a very fair price and not have to print it yourself. We also use their handwriting workbook and grabbed their readers and math box to go with the free lesson books.

This homeschool curriculum (though we just started it) is very easy to navigate as a parent. Each lesson takes anywhere from 20-35 minutes and a portion of that is independent work. So far, each lesson has been engaging and well-rounded, keeping us both focused until it’s over. In fact, I’ve been so impressed with it so far, I have since purchased the Kinder math and language arts for my youngest!

Honestly, we couldn’t be happier with our choice and I plan to continue with The Good and the Beautiful as many years as it keeps working for us!


Remember when I said I was on a tight budget? Yeah, keep that in mind when I tell you what we are using for science and social studies. 😉 So, last year, when covid hit and we were all sent home to deal with virtual schooling… yeah, remember that trauma? Well, our school sent home several workbooks/textbooks on each subject that they hardly even touched! Like legit Pearson textbooks…

Heck yes, I’m using those bad boys! Even though they are technically written for a first grade level, I can EASILY level up the lessons up for my oldest and down for my youngest. WIN! Work smart, mama.


Okay, now that you know what we’re using for our core curriculum, here are some of our favorite bonus items I’ve purchased! And, because I spent almost nothing on curriculum, I was able to splurge on a couple of items that I thought were totally worth it.

  • Adventure Globe – This LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe was my biggest splurge and I am SO glad I bought it. The kids love this and literally beg to use it almost daily. I actually came across this globe at target for $20 more than the amazon price so I’m calling this a score.
  • Chaos Coordinator Homeschool Lesson PlannerThis one is for you, mama! I was looking for an affordable and simple lesson planner option that my unorganized self could easily use… This one is it! I use a different color pen for each kid and that makes it super easy to see what I need for each at a glance. Plus, it’s super cute and at less than $13… it’s a total steal!
  • Wood Geo Board – These wooden geo boards are great for hands on math! The kids can make shapes or they can build their own picture using shapes they make with the rubber bands. This set comes with plenty of rubber bands and a whole pack of cards with geo board design ideas!
  • Rainbow Counting Bears – My kindergartener really enjoys these fun rainbow counting bears! They come with several cups, big plastic tweezer things, a dice and lots of ways to play!
  • Magnetic Letters and Numbers – These magnetic numbers and letters come in an easy-to-store metal tin that’s also perfect for using to form words or math equations on!
  • Learning Resources Alligator Alphabet – These are too cute! I actually thought they were a little pricey but my second grader likes to play with them, too, so I guess these were a win!
  • Sight Word Bingo – I got this fun sight word bingo game to play together during our “play time.” So far, it’s been a bit!
  • Sight Word Flash Cards – These sight word flash cards were only a few bucks! They’re good for playing sight word games with both kids.

I have so much more tucked away in my amazon wish list… but one day at a time! As we school and figure out exactly what works for us, I’ll try to invest in more hands-on products to keep learning fun. We also plan to use ABCYa as a tool this year and my kids already love that. It’s super affordable ($10 a month!) and way more educational than ABC Mouse (in my opinion…).


Listen, I know homeschooling can be tough, especially when you don’t have the full support of everyone you love. So, if you need to hear that homeschooling can be a good GREAT thing… this is me telling you that right now! Trust yourself, and trust God to bring you through what he has called you to do.

I hope to use our homeschool journey and experiences to encourage you that YOU CAN DO IT! In fact, it may be exactly what God is calling you to do.

Happy homeschooling, mama! 💛

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